Album Review: Electric Scissors – Scientists of Sound

Scientists of Sound, Halifax’s white-coated, wolf-masked, live-looping duo, emerged from the lab this past Tuesday with their first full length album – Electric Scissors.

Chock full of Gothic mob choruses, monstrous breaks and thumping, melodic beats Electric Scissors should be listened to at the highest volume possible.  Self-described as “Stanley Kubrick meets Justice and early Daft Punk,” Craig Mercer (Jimmy Swift Band) joined forces with Colin Crowell (Ruby Jean & Thoughtful Bees) to form SOS back in 2010. They released an EP in 2011 called Wealth and Hellness and have toured as far as China, showcasing their improvised live-looping, synapse-shattering light show and, of course, Mercer’s super-meaty guitar riffs and spooky vocals.

Electric Scissors dropped on Tuesday, debuting at #1 on CBC Radio 3 and #6 on iTunes electronic chart. The album grinds out distorted, pumping electronica with a fervour truly reminiscent of experimental science. It’s easy to picture Mercer and Crowell surrounded by dismembered amps, keyboards and MPCs – furiously tinkering with sparking wires, sunken eyes and giant, buzzing shocks of electricity.

The music on this record belongs in a Guy Ritchie Movie, except filmed in Halifax. No track exemplifies that more than Train REC which makes me think of a down-on-his-luck punter cum diamond thief charging down an alleyway to avoid a rabid pack of dobermans.

Scientists of Sound are playing tonight in Moncton at the Tide and Boar gastropub. They’re also playing Friday night in Halifax at the Seahorse Tavern.

We don’t have dobermans but we do have a pair of wristbands to Halifax Pop Explosion. Check out our crowdfunder for more details.