Best of 2016: Atlantic

From our Best of 2016 issue, the best albums from Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Read reviews of all these albums in the Atlantic section.

Editor’s Pick: Kinley – Letters Never Sent

This year a lot of artists found their voices. Not their on-stage personas, but their off-stage, real-talk, here-is-the-shit-that-I’ve-dealt-with voices. Hey Rosetta’s Kinley Dowling released Letters Never Sent and shared some really dark shit. Maybe you don’t know first hand how it feels to be assaulted, and to come back from it, but Dowling bravely shares that on “Microphone”. Recounting an assault years before, she shares the night’s excitement that turned to fear and hurt. The lyrics started out as confessional writing and the honesty will knock the wind out of you. The production is dreamy, Dowling’s voice is superb, but the best part is the vindication she sings: “If you come to my show I think you should know/ I’m gonna call you out for the rest of my life.” She’s said she’ll never tour this material, but she emailed it to her assaulter, and told him it was about him. – Evelyn Hornbeck 

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Press photo of Kinley by Daniel Ledwell