For your Friday playlist: 10 Arts and Crafts songs you may have missed

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene as the band plays Dartmouth August 7, 2011. Photo: Scott Blackburn)
Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene as the band plays Dartmouth August 7, 2011. Photo: Scott Blackburn)
Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene as the band plays Dartmouth August 7, 2011. Photo: Scott Blackburn)

Celebrated label Arts & Crafts has their big birthday bash tomorrow in Toronto. Field Trip features a Broken Social Scene reunion where they will play You Forgot It In People, the album that started it all,  in its entirety. To celebrate the big day, we put together a playlist featuring the 10 songs by Arts & Crafts artists that you may have missed. It includes a couple b-sides, side projects and bands on the label that may not be part of your collection. Be sure to check out Mixtape’s free Summer Festival Guide 2013 featuring an article on Arts & Crafts band The Darcys, and what it’s like for them on the label.

Valley of the Giants – Westworld 

One of the first releases on the label, Valley Of The Giants was a supergroup featuring members of Shalabi Effect, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Lion, Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene. The self-titled album sounds like a soundtrack taken from a different time and a very dry, waterless place. “Westworld” is a standout track from that album.

Broken Social Scene – Backyards

You Forgot It In People was the album that started it all and still stands out as their best work. In fact, at Field Trip this weekend they will play the entire album  from start to finish. The band released an album of outtakes and b-sides cleverly named Beehives. “Backwards” features Emily Haines and carries on like a mid-summer dream for over eight minutes.

Phoenix – Long Distance Call

Yup, that Phoenix released an album on Arts & Crafts. Never Been Like That, the French band’s third studio album included the hit single “Long Distance Call”.

Young Galaxy – Wailing Wall

Montreal band Young Galaxy have evolved significantly since their self-titled debut on Arts & Crafts. They’ve moved away from a dreamy star-pop sound to a more refined electronic-fused sound. Stephen Ramsay used to do vocals on earlier albums including in “Wailing Wall”.

Feist – Look At What The Light Did Now

This duet between Leslie Feist and Little Wings is the title track for the documentary on Feist filmed during the Reminder tour. Fun fact: the film was directed by Anthony Seck.

The Darcys – Peg

The Toronto band covered Steely Dan’s AJA. Listen to this version of “Peg” and compare it to the original – they are very very different.

Memphis – I Am the Photographer

Chris Dumont and Tourquil Campbell (Stars) are Memphis. “I Am the Photographer” has dreamy and nostalgic song-writing delivered by Campbell, something all Stars fans know he does very well.

The Most Serene Republic – (oh) God

The Most Serene Republic hold an important place in the Arts & Crafts story: they were the first band forum outside the Broken Social Scene family to release an album on the label. Lots of layers of instrumentation and slightly eccentric lyrics, a perfect fit.

Brendan Canning – Love Is New

Brendan Canning’s “Broken Social Scene Presents” effort had a number of catchy tracks including “Love IS New”, a track that has a video that may be even better than the song. Also the cover for the album is more fun than Where’s Waldo.

Belle Orchestre – Icicles / Bicycles

Of course Arts & Crafts has a connection to Arcade Fire – it seems every Canadian band is connected to the label somehow. The instrumental band includes Richard Reed Parry and Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire.

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