Friday Playlist: Canadian rappers you should get to know

Sweatshop Union

Every week, we here at Mixtape aim to get your weekend started with a list of some Canadian tunes designed around a single them. From the Harmonica to songs about American cities, we’ve covered a lot of musical ground with these playlists. This week, we decided to share a few favourite rappers and hip hop artists you may not have heard of. To find more of our Friday Playlists, check us out on Soundcloud or YouTube.

Track Listing

“Jolly Good Fellow” by D-Sisive
“Courage” by Abdominal (ft. his mom)
“Bigger on the Inside” by More or Les
“Croque Monsier” by Wordburglar
“Infinite” by Sweatshop Union

And for an extra treat, check out the video for Abdominal’s “Courage,” if only because it features his mom, and we think that’s awesome.

Photo: Supplied/Joshua Grafstein


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