Friday Playlist: How do we love the banjo? Let us count the ways…


Happy Friday, folks! Start the weekend right (and plunk-a-twang your banjo-loving socks off) with an homage to the five-string (usually) instrument known for its dry, plucky sounds. It’s so much more than strings stretched over what is essentially a drum skin—and these bands can prove it—just listen to these five songs by five Canadian banjo-blessed bands. To check out the full playlist, or to check out others, head to our YouTube Channel.

“I’m Fine (I Am, I Am)” By Old Man Luedecke

“The Wooden Sky” by The Wooden Sky

“Burning Feet” by The Banjo Consorsium

“Lullaby” by Dark Mean

“Your Rocky Spine” By Great Lake Swimmers

Photo: Flickr/Tom Cochrane