Friday Playlist: In the Dead of Winter 2015

Halifax was able to avoid winter until late December, but now it’s here to stay. The sidewalks are full of grey slush that gets sloshed into every nook and cranny where humans traverse. Nose hairs start to freeze when you step outside for longer than a few minutes and any moisture in your facial hair results in the phenomenon known as “Ice Beard”. As tempting as it may be to cozy up indoors and watch Netflix and drink wine, late January is the perfect time to brave the elements and catch some concerts in the North End (and drink wine). In the Dead of Winter is back with a lineup that will satisfy those who enjoy music on the folk end of the spectrum. The festival takes place January 22-26 in Halifax, while the Wakefield, Quebec version takes place February 6-8. Keep an eye on Mixtape this week for our Mix Picks and a festival guide. In the meantime, enjoy this playlist featuring artists playing IDOW this year.

Photo of Owen Pallett: Supplied