Friday Playlist: Jammin’ with the fam

Hey bro, let’s have a fam jam!

Thursday was National Siblings Day so we’re celebrating the rocking brothers, sisters, twins and cousins who are hitting it off-stage and on-stage with each other as they strum to the same beat.

Pop-rock duo Tegan and Sara is composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin. Three out of five of the guys in Nova Scotia’s indie-rock group Mardeen are cousins: Travis Ellis, Matt Ellis and Jon Pearo. Twins Mark and Scott Grundy play together in Quaker Parents and Heaven for Real. Finally, P.E.I.’s multiple ECMA-winning group Paper Lions includes brothers Rob and John MacPhee.

Sure there can be a lot of rivalry between sibs, but a lot of sibling relationships can be totally harmonious (in more ways than one).


Track Listing:

I’m Not Your Hero” by Tegan and Sara

“Lovers Out Of Love” by Mardeen

“Owner” by Heaven for Real

“Tee-shirt” – Quaker Parents

“Ghostwriters” by Paper Lions


Photo of Tegan and Sara: Supplied/Chris Buck