Friday Playlist: The Constantines

When we first heard the Constantines were re-uniting for a handful of shows this past summer, the Mixtape crew was excited. We through together an all Constantines playlist for the magazine that was due to come out in March. Production was delayed and the playlist remained on the back burner, but here it is.  It’s a little heavy on material from Shine A Light, the album that spurred the reunion in a way. The album was re-issued on orange vinyl along with a bonus 7-inch to celebrate its 11th anniversary.

Members of our editorial team were fortunate to see the Cons twice this past summer, at Field Trip in Toronto and SappyFest in Sackville. After following the solo projects of members (Baby Eagle, Bry Webb & the Providers, Woolly Leaves), it was incredible seeing them all playing together with so much energy, excitement and elation.

Video by YouTube user Mooncateyes.

Photo: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine