Mauno and The Avulsions team up for split single

Mauno at Flourish Festival

Halifax’s Mauno and Saskatoon’s the Avulsions are both touring Europe right now and have a new split seven-inch record. Recorded at the studio of ┬áJay Crocker (Joyfultalk, Jon Mckiel) on the south shore of Nova Scotia, the songs are available through Flemish Eye. Calgary artist and musician Chad Vangaalen did two illustrations for the the release (limited to 300 copies).

First track “Mars” by the Avulsions has a healthy dose distorted guitars, thundering drums and vocals that swirl together to create a sense of impending doom.

Flip it over, or press play on your computing device, and Mauno do a quick 180-degree turn from the previous side with sharp guitar licks and Nick Everett’s crisp vocals on “Waste”.

After returning to North America, Mauno tour all over Canada on the “Mauno Sled Run 2017” tour.

Photo of Mauno by Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine