Mix Picks SappyFest: This guy won’t give you the Doldrums


It’s percussive, it’s driven and it’s electro-pop like you’ve never heard it before – it’s Toronto-bred and Montreal-based Airick Woodhead with his creative genius known as Doldrums.

Woodhead takes electronic music to a whole new level by creating surprisingly melodic tunes through splicing frantic samples together, seemingly¬†aiming for higher beat-rates. Woodhead first raised eyebrows after a remix of his was featured on a vinyl release of the single “Chase the Tear” from Portishead back in 2011, and since then he has been making waves around the world.

Doldrums is also known for being besties with Grimes – another Montrealer making electronica cool again.

Maybe what’s most attractive to many listeners is that overtop of the feverish sampling Woodhead’s nearly boyish and high-pitched vocals add an eerie element to many of his songs (which can be the perfect escort on light night country drives).

One thing is certain – seeing Doldrums live isn’t going to be dull. It is almost guaranteed that a Doldrums show will get people moving (not necessarily dancing) and will breathe life into any party, even if the party doesn’t need it. You can catch Doldrums stirring the crowd at SappyFest this weekend.

Photo: Supplied