Mix Talks: from opener to headliner, a Q&A with Zeus


With Halifax Pop Explosion just days away, Mixtape continues its series of Q&As with artists performing at the five day festival.

For the third instalment, Toronto band Zeus took a few minutes out of their busy day to talk to us about being part of the Arts & Crafts crew, covers and playing Halifax Pop Explosion.

Mixtape Magazine: You played Arts & Crafts’ anniversary party and you’re playing a label showcase at Pop Explosion. What is the Arts & Crafts family like?

Zeus: They are awesome over there. We feel privileged to have such a solid team to back what we do.

MM: Your most recent release includes an eclectic mix of covers. What makes a good cover? How did this list of covers come together?

Zeus: We began it attempting to encompass a theme .. Songs from a specific year etc – but that went terribly, so we dug deep and sure enough there was a hand full of songs we individually always wanted to try our hand at. So we drifted in that direction with no regard for what we might end up with and came to the list we included. It was fun experiment for us picking apart a bunch of tunes like that and it ended up expanding our approach a recording material for the next Zeus record.

MM: Last time Zeus played Halifax Pop Explosion, the band was opening the show. This time around, the band is headlining a showcase. How do you prepare for a show knowing you’ll be the headliner?

Zeus: We just try to put on a good show opening or closing… It’s the only way to get better. This time around we are trying to include some new material. We’ll be playing with some great bands so we feel the whole package will be worth seeing. So ‘post up’ and stay a while.

MM: What bands should we keep our ears open for? What new bands have you been listening to lately?

Zeus: Our friends the Golden Dogs will release a record soon – it will be awesome. Taylor Knox is another one to look out for with his new Cassette release. Also ‘Rex Boyfriend’

MM: What are you working on these days?

Zeus: A new album – very excited to bring out a new batch of Zeus tunes to the people. It’s almost ready.

Photo: Zeus Facebook Page