Mix Talks: Getting your jeans soaked with Wet Denim

Wet Denim

Gearing up to release their debut album, Halifax band Wet Denim took a few minutes to answer some questions about their creative process and how gross it feels when your jeans get soaked in the rain.

Featuring Victoria Parker, Eleanor King (Just Barelys, The Got to Get Got), Lee Dotey (Cousins), and Jess Lewis (Cactus Flower, Dark For Dark), the band work together to create fuzzy-pop music suitable for a solo day in bed…or a day in bed with someone to keep you warm.

Mixtape Magazine: So the new album is your debut album – what was the recording process like for you guys?

Wet Denim: We recorded this record in a totally DIY fashion with the incredible Evan Cardwell (Secret Colours, Bad Vibrations). Jess was house-sitting for her parents out in rural N.S., so we set up shop in their basement for the weekend. We got hit with a crazy blizzard and got snowed in. It was perfect. The songs were recorded live off the floor with just some vocal overdubs recorded later in the summer. Then mixed and mastered this fall.

MM: What can fans expect from this album?

WD: We want them to listen to the record and at the end, if they are still struggling with a question about life, they can ask themselves: WWWDD? The answer shall be revealed.

MM: All four of you are very musical ladies on your own – Who writes the songs for Wet Denim? Is it just one, a collaboration or a good mix?

WD: We share songwriting duties and everyone contributes their own parts to the arrangements. The songs on this record are mostly penned by Eleanor or Victoria, with a killer jam from Jess also. Now that we’ve been playing together for a while, we tend come up with new things while we’re messing around in practice, so we have some completely collaborative tunes for the next record already. On this album, we all helped to solve one another’s songwriting “problems”: editing words, figuring out structures or rhythms, and every once in a while someone mishears a lyric and it’s golden, way better than the first draft so we change it. We switch instruments. We’re flexible.

MM: Your Tumblr page describes your sound as “sincere between the sheets pop” what does that mean to you guys?

WD: again, we’re flexible.

MM: Alright, I gotta know, where did the name Wet Denim come from?

WD: It started as a joke, then it stuck. We’re talking about how gross it is when your jeans get soaked in the rain (this happens a lot here in Nova Scotia) like, “Uuggghh nothing worse than wet denim”. And then there is the obvious connotation to sex: as an all female band people will always go there. That’s where you went, right?

MM: What are some of your favourite bands coming out of the Canadian music scene right now?

WD: In no particular order, with a heavy dose of Halifax: Dog Day, Nap Eyes, Each Other, Grimes, Miracle Fortress, Cousins, Purity Ring, Construction and Destruction, Organ Magic, Moon, Heaven for Real, Bad Vibrations, Monomyth, Old & Weird, Tasseomancy, Timber Timbre, Austra.

If you want to catch these lovely ladies live, you can see them November 30, 2013 at The Khyber in Halifax.

Photo: Supplied