Mix Talks: HSY and Halifax Pop Explosion


Halifax Pop Explosion kicks off on October 22, and with 180 bands and 20 venues over five days, there will be tons of chances for music fans to check out some of the latest and greatest the Canadian music scene has to offer right now. Aiming to introduce you to just a few of these artists and musicians, Mixtape will be bringing you a series of Q&As with some artists playing during the festival.

To start things off, the HSY band member known only as Jude took a few minutes to answer some questions about the Toronto-based band, their sound and the fact that this will be their Halifax debut. You can catch HSY playing with By Divine Right and Doom Squad at the Hand Drawn Dracula showcase Friday, October 25 at the Bus Stop Theatre.

Mixtape Magazine: I’ve heard HSY described as “sledge punk,” “garage punk,” and even “old punk garage band” — how would you guys describe your sound?

HSY: Well, something without “Garage” in it. I’m sick of hearing about “Garage.” If we had to be pigeon-held to anything I suppose it would be something along the lines of “Industrial New Wave Sludge Punk”

MM: Recently, you guys participated on an album of Nirvana Covers called Milkin’ It put out by Hand Drawn Dracula. What was that process like for you? How’d you pick the song to cover?

HSY: We were actually assigned “Moist Vagina” at the last minute by our friend Shehzaad from the band Greys, cuz I guess some other band dropped out. The process for the whole recording was pretty lax, we got our friend Denholm Whale from Odonis Odonis to record it our jam space, and so we just smoked a bunch of weed and played the song for a while.

MM: You guys seem to be on the tour circuit a bit these days, having recently played Pop Montreal and some shows in New York City. How do you guys make road trips and touring enjoyable?

HSY: I (Jude) usually just sit in silence for a while, then the overwhelming feeling of boredom creeps in, and I’m forced to find ways to entertain myself. That can range from reading the comics Link will bring along, or stealing Anna’s ipod, or burping in Kat’s face while she’s driving. We stop at a lot of “En-routes” which are kinda interesting. Sometimes I rant about how much I hate Sloan.

MM: What are you most looking forward to at Halifax Pop Explosion?

HSY: We’re looking forward to just hanging out in Halifax, I’ve never been there so I’m super excited to see what it’s like.

MM: Who are some Toronto bands people should keep their eye out for?

HSY: Dirty Frigs/Odonis Odonis/John Milner Yr So Boss/Weaves/Mexican Slang/Anamai/Doom Squad/DAS RAD/Petra Glynt/THIGHS/New Positions

Photo: HSY Facebook Page

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