Mix Talks: One time, Weirdo Click even got your parents to join the party

Weirdo Click

One more sleep and  Halifax Pop Explosion begins! While you are waiting for the fun to start,  Mixtape continues to bring you interviews with some of the artists performing during the festival.

This instalment sees the young but mighty Halifax hip hop trio Weirdo Click take on our questions with a little bit of humour and whole lot of raw honesty.

Mixtape Magazine: What will your live setup be for the Halifax Pop Explosion shows? I know there are three people in the group but sometimes only two perform live depending on liquor laws?

Aux Jennings (Austin): Usually we don’t have a DJ for our sets, but this year were going to bring out a friend of ours. A young thug from the city gonna be rocking with us at the show this year. Also we’re all stoked to perform some new tracks that people haven’t heard yet

Kxd Clvr (Alex): Were all over 19 now. I’m 21, Aux is 20 and will be 21 this month, and Two Two (Jacob) is 23.

Two Two (Jacob): When we first started performing, Aux was only 18 so we had to get the paperwork done so he could perform, and I think there were a few shows were we had to do that but it worked out in the end.

MM: How do Weirdo Click release work? Do you mostly work on mixtapes as individuals and perform together? I know you’re all active through your own twitter/Tumblr accounts.

AJ: Right now, I’m finishing up my mixtape Muckafolly which will be dropping soon and also we’re currently working on a Weirdo Click project, we don’t really have a date set yet but it’s coming! And now that we have more original material, we’re more focused on getting the music out on hard copies.

KC: In the past we’ve mostly put out mixtapes. Internet.

MM: What’s weirdest thing you’ve seen at one of your shows?

KC: To be honest …There’s been soooo many! I remember at one of our shows there was an old married couple in their late 60’s, holding hands, going HARD with the rest of the crowd. That was tight.

AJ: We were at some show we had and some rollie girl (fucked up girl) in the front row kept talking to me about how she wanted to fuck. The whole time her boyfriend was right next to her and seemed down to let her go yeah, that was really weird. Cool but weird.

MM: Who are some local artists you enjoy listening to and working with?

AJ:  Yeah Jay Mayne and I have build a good musical relationship, I feel like we click when it comes to music. Also I always like getting a feature from Thrillah. Really there’s a group of  people that i could count on my hand that I like working with, But Im always open to working with new people

KC: I Like Woadie (A local DJ) and I fuck with the young towel god Hemsworth. And this isn’t a rapper or anything but I like the LEFTOVRS Collective (Artist/Art).

MM: What are your favourite things to do in Halifax?

Weirdo Click: Eating at Jessy’s Pizza! Sit at home and record. Make music. Drink coffee. Smoke. Wear layers and wear shorts under pants.

MM: What artist playing HPX this year are you most excited to see? What are you looking forward to the most with HPX?

WC: We’re excited to see BadBadNotGood, Action Bronson, Killer Mike, The WAYO, Lunice, Gwen West, Wavves, Moon, Repartee, Weed Thief, Nick Bike, and AA Wallace. PLUS MORE !! just too many good bands to name. We feel that it’s a really great look for the city and the music scene around here. We need more cool shit like this, not only here but everywhere around the world.

Weirdo Click play Thursday at the Olympic Community Hall as part of the VICE showcase. You can also catch them on Friday, for free, at CKDU. 

Photo: Weirdo Click’s Facebook Page

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