Mix talks: Rah Rah will be bringing a mechanical cat to Halifax Pop Explosion

Halifax Pop Explosion is here! But just because the day has arrived, doesn’t mean we are going to stop bringing you interviews with some of the artists showcasing their stuff during the festival.

This instalment Mixtape connected with Regina’s indie darlings Rah Rah. Having been around since the mid 2000s, Rah Rah have become known for their high-energy music and have played a number of festivals across North America and Europe.

Mixtape Magazine: You guys have been around for a while and have managed to garner some seriously devoted fans across the country, but your most recent album The Poet’s Dead has seemed to be “the one” that’s pushed your music towards a more mainstream audience – what does that feel like for you guys? 

Rah Rah: Well I think a big part of that is our management team and five years of touring a lot, but I think it’s fair to say this is the album we are all most proud of. We put a lot of work into it, and with the help of our producers, Gus and Warner, we were really able to develop our music and our vision. We are all really happy about it, and it’s really exciting when other people value and are excited about your work.

MM: Hailing from Regina, you guys manage to maintain a link to your prairie roots no matter where you are performing or who you are performing for – why is that important to the band? 

RR: Where we are from is very important to us and I think we all realize our music and ourselves wouldn’t be the same coming from somewhere else. The prairies and the people there are really deep rooted in us, and it is part of the reason we stay in a place out of the way. For me, it is a bit of a dark time in our city; among our booming economy there can be a lot of close- mindedness, racism, homophobia, violence, poverty and some pretty conservative decisions by our government lately that don’t value culture and arts, among other things. But there are also so many of the most amazing people I’ve ever met there. So I think we also want to stay to be part of building a really strong and positive community.

MM: Speaking of Regina, Saskatchewan seems to be producing a lot of bands that are catching the attentions of music fans across the country.  Why do you think that may be, and what Saskatchewan bands would you suggest our readers check out?

RR: There are definitely a lot of cool bands. I think there has been a strong music scene for a while but a few bands are really making the effort to tour extensively lately. I would recommend checking out Jeans Boots, the Lonesome Weekends, Snake River, the Spoils, the Florals, Deep Dark Woods, and Foam Lake.

MM: Besides touring, has the band been working on anything new?

RR: We’ve started working on a new record but are in the very beginning stages, we just acquired a really cool jam space and are writing songs.

MM: Will the robotic cat be making the trip to Halifax again? (Feel free to tell the story behind the cat if you want!)

RR: Oh ya, James will be there. A friend from Regina found him at value village and gave him to us and we started having him on stage. We found two more, completely by accident, at two other value villages across Canada. They must have been pretty big in the early 90s.

You can catch Rah Rah on Thursday, October 24 at Michael’s Bar

Photo: Rah Rah’s Facebook Page