Montreal pop guitar duo Couleur Dessin prepare debut album

Who: Couleur Dessin is the duo of Anne-Lise Griffon and Christian Simmons (Phern, Sheer Agony, Lantern, Each Other).

Where: Montreal

When: The self-titled debut comes out June 2 via Fixture Records on vinyl and digital.

Why: The experimental pop duo aren’t exactly a normal band. For example, the first show they played featured Griffon and Simmons along with five other musicians playing behind a glass wall. The audience was in a different room with sound pumped in through a speaker.

The debut album is an eclectic mix of sounds, borrowing from pop music anywhere from the ’60s to present day. Vocals bounce between French and English while the tracks range from short rhythmic instrumental day dreams to long-burning psych pop utopia. The music of Couleur Dessin is anchored by thrilling pop sensibilities but has the room to explore the eclectic without losing the listener.

For further listening, check out a collection of songs (but not a proper album) via bandcamp below.

Photo of Couleur Dessin supplied by Fixture Records