Premiere: On The Nights You Stay Home by Port Cities

Mixtape magazine presents the exclusive premiere of “On The Nights You Stay Home” by Port Cities. 

The trio of Dylan Guthro, Breagh Mackinnon and Carleton Stone were all doing the whole solo singer-songwriter gig for years before coming together to create Port Cities. It’s a strength-in-numbers sort of thing. The three artists — old friends who’ve backed each other and written music together in Cape Breton before officially forming a band — have a chemistry that brings out the best in each other. The music is anchored by the passionate and earnest vocals from the three songwriters who’ve released a combined six solo albums and collaborated with artists including Classified and David Myles, Hawksley Workman, Howie Beck and Jason Collette (Broken Social Scene).

The video for “On The Nights You Stay Home” provides an intimate glance of the three songwriters at work together. The track was written by Carleton Stone along with Andrew Austin and Donovan Woods in Toronto the day before Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

Here’s what Stone has to say about the song:

“On The Nights You Stay Home is a phrase I’ve heard in Cape Breton a few times in my life, usually in the context of trying to convince someone to come out and party for the night. I had the song title written down in my phone for a couple months and I wasn’t really sure what the song could be about. When I mentioned it in a writing session with Andrew and Donovan, they immediately had a darker idea about modern relationships, jealousy, and adultery. We were in Toronto at the time, so a lot of the lyrics name drop places in the city.”

For further listening, check out the video for “The Idea of You” and find the band on Spotify. Keep an eye out for a new album from Port Cities in the new year.

Photo of Port Cities supplied/Matt Dunlap