Review: Fresh tunes from new Halifax band Don Lovely

There’s a certain energy that comes with this time of year. It’s socially acceptable to wear shorts again. The Blundstone boots that were caked with a winter’s worth of salt can be tucked away in the closet for months. You can make summer plans, hop in a lake, take a dunk in the icy ocean — the options are endless and it’s exciting.

Don Lovely is a new Halifax band with a new three song album, as you can easily gather from the title Three Songs for Hunky Bunker,  recorded on a four track cassette and released at the end of May. The first paragraph of this review technically has nothing to do with Don Lovely, but the three tracks on the album carry along a positive power pop buzz with splashes of new wave, full of excitement and energy. It’s a tangible auditory comparable to the energy that comes with spring transitioning to summer.

Opening track “Game of Chance” instantly induces foot-tapping and slight head popping with lazy guitar licks, Dexter Outhit’s cruising cymbal crashing and Alex Mitchell’s basslines that accent Noel Macdonald’s punchy vocals. Just when the track sounds like it’s over, it bounces back momentarily before a glitch sound leads way to second track “Think of Me”. Matching the mood of the opener, “Think of Me” carries even more punch, aided by slick subtle synths. Finally, “Dull Idea” brings the fleeting moment to a close with triumphant post-punk vibes squeezed through a lemon zester. Not that sad and cold post-punk that makes you reach for a sweater as tears form in your eyes.  “Dull Idea”, like the opener goes silent before warping back into a chaotic closer, a battle of synths versus cymbals. Synth wins and everybody goes home happy.

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