Rewind: Rock ‘n’ rollin’ with Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

While Adam Baldwin has spent a lot of time touring in Matt Mays‘s band, he’s recently branched out and started touring and performing his own music with his own band and recently releasing his own self-titled EP. To say the least, Baldwin has been busy. This past Friday he came back to his hometown, Halifax, where he charmed the crowd at The Seahorse Tavern with his classic rock ‘n’ roll energy.

Baldwin’s musical set  can be described as rock ‘n’ roll mixed with an indie folk fever. Juxtaposing the soft and soulful “Burning Man”  to the sweet-worded and harmonica-heavy “Arms”, the entire evening was infused with an intoxicating energy.

The most powerful moment of the night though was when Baldwin stood alone on the stage and spoke about his dear friend and Matt Mays bandmate, Jay Smith who passed away last March. Baldwin mentioned he had seen a cover of Smith’s song “Hurts Like Hell” performed by Sam Cash and a few other musicians in tribute to Smith – a tribute Baldwin said he was grateful for. Baldwin then performed one of his new songs, “Highest of Hopes”, and for those few minutes all you could hear was Baldwin as if everyone in the crowd was holding their breath so they could catch every word and every note.

Baldwin ended off the night with the energetic “Tarred and Feathered” complete with tasty rock-riffs and followed by the beautiful “Love You With My Eyes Closed” during which he got everyone singing along: guys echoing with OH-WHOA-OH and girls echoing with OO-WOO-OO.

To capture some of Friday night’s energy, check out this Southern Souls video of Baldwin performing his hit “Love You With My Eyes Closed”.

Photo: Mixtape/ Celina Ip