SappyFest Mix Pick: the sensationally summery Moss Lime

Moss Lime OXW

Montreal three-piece Moss Lime are the patch of green grass in the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side.” They take the cold and isolated feelings of post-punk, squeeze them through a summery filter and create a warm and groovy sound. The cold Montreal winter couldn’t get in the way of the summer vibes while recording a new album.

Moss Lime’s first full-length album comes out in September on Toronto label Telephone Explosion Records. The sunshine feels from the July First EP, released last fall via Fixture Records, continue on the new record.

“I think the songs are more summery, really summery,” says bassist Hélène Barbier, one of the founding members of the band.

“I feel like they’re more groovy, more punchy and more dancey,” says guitarist Jane L. Kasowicz who appears on the new record and also plays with them live.

The new album was recorded at Montreal band Freelove Fenner’s Bottle Garden studio. Even though it was mostly written and recorded in the winter, the dreams of summer overruled the outdoor temperature.

“It’s easy [to write songs about summer] because we’re dreaming about it. We’re picturing ourselves on the beach in the sun. We write random things about what we want to do,” says Barbier.

“There are lots of hopes and dreams in the lyrics,” says Kasowicz.

The Moss Lime lineup has constantly changed since forming a year ago. Of the original trio of Charlotte Bonamour (guitar), Hélène Barbier (bass) and Caitlin Pinder-Doede (drums), only Barbier has been touring lately (although Pinder-Doede does appear on the new album). When they played OBEY Convention in Halifax in May, Barbier was joined by Kasowicz and Jacob Spector on drums. A month later at Ottawa Explosion Week, Barbier and Spector were joined by Caylie Runciman (guitar) of Ottawa band Boyhood.

A string of dates out west, including stops in Calgary for Sled Island and Victoria for Goat Festival, were cancelled because of money and car troubles. Their stop at SappyFest will be the band will be their first show since the setback. There’s a chance the trip from Montreal to Sackville will inspire new songs down the road as Kasowicz says sometimes lyrics for songs are written on the road.

It also means lots of stops at gas stations where the band indulges in treats that aren’t part of their every day diet.

“Nerds, sometimes beef jerky,” says Barbier of gas station purchases.

“Only one tour, some beef jerky, some gross shit,” says Kasowicz.

Don’t be a jerk. Catch Moss Lime at the Royal Canadian Legion at 1 a.m. on Friday. 

Photo of Mixtape at Ottawa Explosion Week: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape