Friday Playlist: Music for National Drone Day

Tomorrow is National Drone Day according to the brains behind Weird Canada. The music blog behind Wyrd Distro and other Canadian music projects declared Saturday, May 10 National Drone Day and the people followed. There will be events across the country where people will come together to listen to and play drone music.

“For too long the drone has been hidden by the tyrants of melody and rhythm. Weird Canada calls upon all drones to come together as one massive drone. Spend this day listening entirely to drone music,” Weird Canada writes on its drone day website.

Drone is a music term basically describing the harmonic effect when one note or chord is used continuously throughout a song. For example with bagpipes, that humming sound you hear throughout a tune is made from the three drones on the bagpipe. (Let me tell you, as a kid growing up learning the bagpipes, it was exciting the day I used drones for the first time.)

Today’s playlist consists of seven songs that can be categorized as drone music, although like most genres, the definition can be a little hazy as ambient, noise, experimental and other genres overlap.

For even more drone music, check out the “Drone Streams” resource from Weird Canada. 

Torso (Halifax)

Charles Barabe (Montreal)

Tim Hecker (Montreal)

Bubble (Toronto)

Chatwires (Winnipeg)

Dan Galway (Iqaluit)

Duval (Vancouver)

Photo of Tim Hecker supplied

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