Friday Playlist: Spooky tunes for Halloween

So Halloween falls on a Monday, but obviously all the fun stuff happens this weekend. We put together a playlist of kind of creepy, dark and spooky tunes for the occasion. We totally get if you don’t want to make this the soundtrack to your party. But we promise you’ll have bad luck if you don’t share it with 666 friends.

The 13-song (SEE WHAT WE DID THERE) playlist starts off with a Doomsquad remix of Timbre Timbre. Doomsquad remixing a guy who writes creepy songs, we’ll take it. There are a couple tracks about notorious serial killers: Monster of the Miramichi by Jon Mckiel and Jack the Ripper by Japandroids. And of course we had to include some Hag Face and the track Witch Stomp feels appropriate for this mix.

Pop some candy, press play and get spooked.

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