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Mixtape Magazine is a free, digital quarterly insider’s guide to the Canadian music scene created in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With in-depth interviews, beautiful photography and a minimalist design Mixtape’s writers, illustrators and shutterbugs take you on a cross-country trek through the best in new Canadian music.

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Best of 2013

Read Mixtape Magazine Free OnlineIn this issue Mixtape’s editors take readers on a cross-country tour through the Best of 2013 as we hop from province to province looking back on the year in Canadian music.

Featured on the cover, Vancouver’s Young Galaxy talks about how working with Swedish electronic producer Dan Lissvik has helped them get through a dramatic shift in their style. Halifax’s Ghettosocks walks us through his latest album “For You Pretty Things” in a track-by-track analysis of the rapper’s third major release. Mixtape chats with Said The Whale, and looks at why The Zolas have jumped on the one-track-at-a-time release bandwagon.

As always, Mixtape treats your eyes and ears with beautiful photography, our signature minimalist design, album reviews and themed playlists.

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FALL 2013

Read Mixtape Magazine Free Online

Mixtape’s inaugural issue spans 58 pages and features P.E.I.’s Paper Lions on a romp through their hometown as they reflect on their past, present and future. We also take the Polaris prize apart, giving our thoughts on those who didn’t make the final cut and taking a closer look at those who did. Detailed album reviews, suggested playlists and interviews with Whitehorse, Shad, and Metric’s Emily Haines all combine to give the reader over 50 pages of personal, insightful and thoughtful reporting on Canada’s best new and emerging musicians.

Want a hard copy? We still have a few left for sale.

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In this 16-page festival guide, Mixtape takes a look at your can’t miss festivals and some new favourites. Along with the headliners and some tips for surviving the Canadian outdoors, you get our Mix Picks – the bands that you’ll kick yourself for missing (since they’re mind-blowingly good and you probably won’t get to experience them in an intimate setting again).

Festival veterans Jenn Grant and Daniel Ledwell give us some pro perspective on what an artist gets out of a festival, while The Darcys tell us what it’s like to be part of the Arts & Crafts collective as they celebrate ten years. Plus, read about how July Talk’s steamy live performance will be heating up festival stages across Canada this summer.

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Mixtape’s prototype issue was created in April, 2012 by journalism students at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The original team included Jonathan Briggins, Samantha Chown, Hilary Creamer, Chelcie Soroka and Ryan Hemsworth.

In this prototype issue, Mixtape showcases Canada’s best new and emerging artists. Spanning almost 70 pages, Mixtape explores Joel Plaskett’s mad pursuit of Scrappy Happiness, a DJ’s backpack and the season’s most hilarious rapper tweets. We sit down with Mo Kenney for breakfast and discuss the impact of closing venues with Halifax-based DJ T-Woo.

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