HPX Mix Pick for Tuesday: Hamilton’s WTCHS

A thunderstorm rolls into town. You’re both scared and excited at the same time. The noise the storm creates is impressive; a power you don’t fully understand. But there’s that lingering fear. What if it all goes wrong?  That’s a moment we all have lived through, and a moment you are bound to live through as you listen to Hamilton band WTCHS.

The group are pros at creating a thrilling concoction of pounding drums, heavy bass lines, scary hairy guitars and vocals that feel distant but could get closer if they wanted. Their live show is a mess as the four members of the band force their instruments to push the line between chaos and order making them a fun band to watch perform. Sometimes a guitar riff comes out of the wall of noise and you find a little smile crossing your face.

The band is constantly pumping out new, self-produced material on various formats. For example, during their swing through the East Coast, they have a tour only cassette split release with Whoop-Szo. It’s a limited edition of 47 (not 50) and features hand-stamped packaging. Earlier this year, they released It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse on the iconic Hamilton label, Sonic Unyon. A year ago they released a split 7” lathe with Das Rad. Surely they have many more DIY ideas for future releases.

WTCHS play tonight at 11 p.m. at Gus’ Pub along with Negative Rage, Strange Attractor and Soupcans.

Here’s a playlist with many of the artists playing today.

Photo of WTCHS: Supplied

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