Rewind: Dance Movie at Nova Scotia Music Week

Tara Thorne, on lead guitar and vocals, wore four pieces of flare pinned to her guitar strap as she rocked out during Dance Movies set  five if you count her glasses around her neck. Dance Movie’s vibrant set was a fierce one, enough to knock the glasses off anyone’s face. Glen Nicholson (In-Flight Safety) joined the band for the NSMW show and supported on drums, and kept up handily. Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade) was all about the bass while Dark for Dark’s Rebecca Zolkower played guitar, ditching her usual violin and adding more umph to the band’s sound. Dance Movie played lots of new material from their still unreleased second album, recorded at the Old Confidence Lodge this summer and produced by John Goodmanson before he worked on the new Sleater-Kinney album. “You know exactly why I can’t sleep through the night,” sang Thorne. For us, it was because there was too much dancing to be done.

Dance Movie NSMW Briggins

Photo: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine