Rewind: Mardeen at Nova Scotia Music Week

Cape Breton power pop band Mardeen set the tone for a night of indie pop and rock at Champions on Saturday night. The band, comprised of cousins Matthew Ellis, Travis Ellis and Jon Pearo, along with non-relative Archie Rankin, played as a slimmed-down four-piece without usual drummer Jason Burns. The power pop ballads were heart-on-your-sleeve style, where you sing along and say what you’re really feeling. The two guitars took a back seat and left all the catchy hooks in the vocals. Vocalist and bass player Matthew Ellis’s hair seemed like a physical manifestation of the bands sound, long emo-sidehair along with what we would classify as an indie hipster band. Emotional indie music, all in one tidy package.

Photo: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine

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