Rewind: SoHo Ghetto at Nova Scotia Music Week

The action-packed Champions lineup continued with SoHo Ghetto, fronted by the always kinetic Marc-Antoine Roberston. The band’s most recent release, Thou or I Both, came out in August, but the band has hardly rested, bringing on board new members Leanne Hoffman (half of pop-jazz ensemble Magnolia) and Lauchie Headrick (Floodland).

SoHo Ghetto’s high octane performance, however, did not sit well with the audience. The wild stylings, led by Robertson, confused rather than captivated. The five-piece band has more than enough talented musicians to draw on to make up the deficit in future.


Photo: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine

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  1. This is the second review I have seen of the Truro performance I have seen that said the band did not go over well with the Truro crowd. Personally, I loved the band and everything Marc-Antoine Roberston brought to the stage.

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