SappyFest 10 Playlist

SappyFest is right around the corner, only three sleeps away. We’ve thrown together a playlist with most of the artists playing the festival in Sackville, N.B. The playlist is in chronological order, based on when the artists play over the three day fest. As well, we’ve picked a few artists to check out each day.


Montreal’s Moss Lime have mastered the art of creating the chillest summer jams. When they play the Legion at 1 a.m. you’ll be completely engulfed in SappyFest bliss. One of the Canada’s best songwriters, Michael Feuerstack, returns to the festival at 8 p.m. on the Mainstage.


Human Music are a group of fine humans from Winnipeg. Be sure to check out their warbled fuzz magic on the Mainstage at 2 p.m. Construction & Destruction also features two fine humans, tapping into ethos of rural Nova Scotian mythology from another time and space. Well really, they just create some great music in Port Greville, N.S.


Fall in love with Nap Eyes again, or for the first time. The introspective indie band recently joined the You’ve Changed Records family. The Venn diagram of SappyFest and You’ve Changed Records is basically a singular circle so this show will feel like home. They play at 5 p.m.

Photo of Construction & Destruction via artist website