Soundcheck: New music from Sam Roberts Band, Owen Pallett, Gramercy Riffs and more

Last week Owen Pallett announced his signing to Montreal label Secret City as well as a new album, In Conflict, due to be released on May 13. The album is written and produced by Pallett and recorded with Robbie Gordon and Matt Smith. It also features contributions from Brian Eno and The Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra and more. By the time of the albums release, Pallett may be an Oscar winner as he, along with Will Butler or Arcade Fire, are nominated for “Best Original Score” for the film Her. 

In November, singer-songwriter Hayden and his band were joined by members of Cuff the Duke in Toronto to cover the Neil Young classic “Powderfinger”. This week, Hayden posted the video on his website (click over there to watch it now).

It has been a while since St. John’s band Gramercy Riffs released a new album. Since 2010’s It’s Heartbreak,  the band have moved to Toronto and started to gain a national audience. On February 18, their new album Desire Trails comes out. Exclaim is streaming the full album in advance.

Sam Roberts Band‘s new album Lo-Fantasy comes out today. The Montreal rock and roll band popped by CBC Music to give fans a preview of some of the new songs.

Toronto punk trio The Beverleys self-titled EP is out today via Buzz Records. Dual guitars from Joanna Lund and Susan Burke paired with Audrey Hammer’s drumming will satisfy your fuzzy-chorded punk appetite.

Canadian music blog Weird Canada launch Wyrd Distro, a non-profit online store and distribution service focused on emerging and experimental Canadian music. As part of the launch, there are gatherings across Canada on Saturday, Feb. 15. There will be a video hangout with the Weird Canada crew along with performances, a drop-box for consigning music and a limited free cassette with music from every province and territory. Details on gathering locations, times and bands can be found on Wyrd Distro’s Facebook event. 

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