Friday Playlist for the U.S.A.

Today is Independence Day in the U.S., so we put together a playlist of songs by Canadian musicians inspired by the land of star spangled banner. We’re not going to comment on the State’s foreign policy or those sorts of things (but if you must, then indulge in some Bruce Cockburn). Instead we’ll focus on songs influenced by the people, places and ideas of America. “Empty Threat” by Kathleen Edwards talks about the temptation to move to America. Destroyer’s “Song For America” is four and a half minutes of smooth jazz-infused stream-of-conciousesque dream music. And I’m really, really sorry for including The Guess Who’s iconic “American Woman” to finish off this playlist. It just had to happen.

Kathleen Edwards feat. Hannah Georgas – Empty Threat

Apollo Ghosts – I’m In Love With The USA

Destroyer – Song For America

K’naan – America

The Besnard Lakes – Chicago Train

Writer’s Strike – New York City

Bahamas – Southern Drawl

Said The Whale – Jesse, AR

The Guess Who – American Woman

Photo of Said the Whale: Mixtape/Scott Blackburn