HPX Local roundup: Not You, Crossed Wires are two must-see bands

You can’t say Halifax Pop Explosion without saying Halifax. Here’s an HPX local roundup of some Halifax bands to check out and one our the city’s newest venues with excellent programming all week long.

Not You

This local band is so new it’s NOT likely YOU’ve seen them yet. The players, however, may be familiar to you from other bands around town. Nancy Urich (Dog Day, the Burdochs), Rebecca Young (Soaking Up Jagged, Pastoralia), Stephanie Johns (Stolen Minks, Moon), and Meg Yoshida (Bad Vibrations) played their first show in August and, to be honest, blew us away. Their “slippergaze” sound is tight, fun and ready to party.

“We all have fairly busy lives, demanding jobs and, between the four of us, three kids, but I also think that sort of sharpens our focus, there’s a lot less fucking around at practices,” according to guitarist and vocalist Johns. There is, she assures us, enough fucking around to create a bunch of songs they want to release before long.

In the meantime, check them out on Thursday. “I think I’m going to buy a new lipstick for the show,” Johns says, “That’s my special plan.”

Not You//The Seahorse//Thurs. Oct. 20, 11pm//$25

Crossed Wires

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a pop punk show from Crossed Wires at #HPX2016, and that’s lucky for you. There are three options, but might we suggest their all-ages show at The Pavillion?

“Older show-goers can appreciate an early show where they don’t have to stay up until 2am to see the bands they like,” says vocalist and bassist Heather Grant. Plus, it helps fit more shows into your HPX schedule.

Grant and the band, who also played the all-ages stage at this summer’s inaugural Gridlock festival, are looking forward to stoking their nostalgia and inspiring the youth of Halifax to disappoint their parents and become musicians.

“I think there’s going to be some lag time in terms of the number of younger people actually attending these shows,” Grant said, “but I think as long as we keep making music available to the younger crowd, eventually they’ll start hearing about it and coming to the shows and telling their friends — it might take some time but it’ll be worth it.”

Crossed Wires also promises some new songs if you catch them this week.

Crossed Wires//The Seahorse//Thurs. Oct. 20, 10pm//$25
Crossed Wires//CKDU Lobby//Fri. Oct. 21, 5:30pm//FREE (All Ages)
Crossed Wires//The Pavillion//Sat. Oct. 22, 1pm//$8/$10(19+)(All Ages)

Venue Spotlight: Art Bar + Projects

The fun of HPX is bouncing between familiar venues transformed by festival magic. This year there’s a new venue to haunt: Art Bar. Open since earlier this year, Art Bar is a project of the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Part gallery, part campus bar, it occupies a space that was a restaurant off the Granville Mall. Its dramatic interior, tall ceilings and good beer selection make for an imposing but accessible space, like if you were very rich and this were your study. And lucky for you, this week your living room is full of excellent bands.

At ten bucks a pop and shows that start at 6pm, every night is a winner (plus it’s a wet/dry venue for the all ages crowd). Wednesday night’s lineup features the top-notch She-Devils and Mint Records takes over for a showcase on Friday. Really the whole lineup is solid gold, so if you need a new haunt for HPX, check it out.

Wednesday: Programm, Laps, Phern, She Devils
Thursday: Soft Spot, The Painters, Old and Weird, Mega Bog
Friday: Jay Arner, Supermoon, Heaven For Real
Saturday: Blonde Elvis, Mick Futures, Germaphobes, Moss Lime

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Photo of Crossed Wires by Matt Grace