Mix Pick Pop Montreal: Getting to know the royalty of Grey Kingdom

There are a lot of bands these days that know how to create music that will pull on your heartstrings. But Welland, Ontario folk singer/songwriter Spencer Burton, also known as Grey Kingdom, can get your stomach in a gut wrenching knot with the first chord.

Setting lyrics laced with emotion into humble and quiet guitar melodies, Burton has mastered the art of telling a story with song. A story that will, most likely, get you thinking of a long lost love, an unrequited love or all that tragically romantic stuff in between. And he does it all with a heartfelt sincerity that isn’t always easily found in the music industry these days.

Having released his first record, The Grey Kingdom in 2010, Burton has found a decent amount of success and is now part of the Dine Alone Records family. His latest album, Light, I Call Your Name Out “Darkness”, was released in October of 2012 and put him firmly in the top ranks of Canada’s folk musicians. Reminiscent of early Hayden mixted with a helping dose of classic folk such as James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkle, the album strings together tales of love and love lost in a way that anyone who has a heart can relate to.

You can catch Grey Kingdom and all his folksy sounds performing at Pop Montreal, which takes place September 25-29.

Photo: Grey Kingdom Facebook page

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