Review: New single from Vancouver blanket-rockers Woolworm

Words by Erin MacKinnon

A lot of good things have happened on May 27. Paul McCartney released his album Venus and Mars in 1975, I was birthed into the world in 1993, but more recently Vancouver band Woolworm released their single “Useless” off their upcoming 7-inch, Everything Seems Obvious. The album was recorded by Hockey Dad Records on Gossip Island, a place the band describes on their Bandcamp as “also actually physically existing if you can believe it” and will be released as a full EP on June 19th. The single seems reminiscent of Cloud Nothings 2012 album Attack on Memory, however, Woolworm lead singer Giles Roy’s voice takes on a softer tone creating a focus on the moodiness of the song. Woolworm’s style of music is a blend of soft shoe-gazing vocals and loud noise-rock guitar. In an attempt to provide a description of their style of music, Woolworm half-jokingly refers to their genre as “blanket rock” which pretty well describes the feeling attributed to their newest track. “Useless” leaves you warm and empty but most of all anxious to hear what’s next from these Vancouver natives.

Woolworm plays at Pat’s Pub on June 5 as part of Music Waste, an annual festival held in Vancouver featuring tonnes of local artists including Energy Slime, Supermoon and B-LINES. The festival runs June 4-7. The release show for Everything Seems Obvious takes place at the Astoria Pub on June 19.