Soundcheck: New music from In-Flight Safety, Moonface, Indigo Joseph and more

Soundcheck, bringing order to chaos since 2013. On Wednesday’s we throw together a little roundup of what’s happening in the Canadian music world. We used to do it on Tuesdays but have officially moved it to hump-day, since Wednesday is the second-most productive day of the week, and a lot of music news happens later in the day on Tuesdays. Read, click some links and get lost in the music.


In-Flight Safety – Conversationalist (released Sept. 9 via Night Danger) – It’s been half a decade since Halifax band In-Flight Safety released an album. They return with a slick new indie pop-rock album that clocks in at 35 minutes. The album can be streamed via Soundcloud.

Jared Brown – Shee (released Sept. 15 via Dog Records & Tapes) – According to his bio, Jared Brown likes to release around two albums a year. The Montreal via Springhill, N.S. indie-rocker released Help in March, and true to his word, another album, Shee, drops next week. The album was recorded at the home studio of David Trenaman and Colleen Collins (Construction & Destruction) in Port Greville, N.S.  The album is streamable via Exclaim.

Moonface – City Wrecker (released Sept. 16 via Paper Bag Records) – Spencer Krug, member of the now defunct Wolf Parade, has another release on the way under his Moonface moniker. The piano-heavy EP features songs written while Krug was living in Finland. In a letter describing the new album, he said “Anyway, all of the songs on this ep, in one way or another, are about places. Going in and going out. Regret and hope. The past and the future. Ducking out early from your own farewell party. That’s why it’s called City Wrecker.” The album can be listened to via Exclaim.

Indigo Joseph – Collage (released Sept. 12) – Prairie-rock band Indigo Joseph grabbed the attention of the country in 2013 when their song “Others” was selected “Indie Song of the Summer” by CBC Music. You can read more about that in our Fall 2013 issue of Mixtape. But that’s all in the past. In the future, Indigo Joseph release Collage and you can listen to it via Exclaim.


High Ends – “Cappuccino” from High Class (available Oct. 7 via Dine Alone Records) – Jeffrey Innes from B.C. indie rock group Yukon Blonde releases his first solo album next month. The psychedelic synth album features contributions from Gold & Youth, Louise Burns, Kathryn Calder and Ladyhawk. Forget beer, give Innes a caffeinated beverage on his upcoming tour with The Wooden Sky.


Chrissi Cochrane – “Sleep In The Wild” – Continuing our trend this week of featuring artists that have moved from rural Nova Scotia to central Canada, we have Chrissi Cochrane who grew up in Annapolis Valley, N.S. but now lives in Windsor, Ont. Cochrane used to be in Gamma Gamma Rays, a Halifax band that is no longer together. Now she rocks out on an electric guitar and writes indie-pop rock songs. The video for “Sleep In The Wild” is borderline NSFW if that sort of thing bothers people around you.

Fucked Up – “The Art of Patrons” from Glass Boys

Metric described Fucked Up as Pop-core after the Toronto band won the Polaris Prize in 2009. Whenever I write a description for the hardcore punk band Fucked Up I think of Metric’s sour grapes as well as the time my grandmother got mad at me for including Fucked Up in a print copy of our magazine (Sorry/not sorry). They have a new video for the track “The Art of Patrons”. It was filmed in Sao Paulo Brazil and features shots of their live show and the city.

New Bands

Energy Slime – It’s hard to accurately describe Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle, you have to meet them to understand them. They are two hilarious and strange goofballs who make good music. An example of their goofiness: last year in our Dine With An Artist feature, Arner told us about about the experimental sandwiches they were making while on tour. This included combinations of peanut butter, mustard, spinach, Doritos and avocados in various combinations. Arner and Delisle have a new band called Energy Slime. Their debut album New Dimensional comes out Nov. 11 and is like their weird sandwich creations, a bunch of weird and wonderful sonic flavours crammed into a 7-inch record. (Okay, that’s a pretty big sandwich).

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Photo of In-Flight Safety: Supplied/Meghan Whitton