Friday Playlist: Hey Toronto, you’re looking good for 180


This week’s playlist is in celebration of Toronto’s  birthday! T.O. turned 180 yesterday but the parties and celebrations can still go on. So here at Mixtape we compiled a fun playlist of tunes by Torontonian artists both new and old–starting off with the catchy, energetic tune “Caught me Thinkin'” by Bahamas and ending off on a slower, soulful tune by the relatively new Once a Tree. To hear this playlist and others, check us out on SoundCloud.

Track Listing:

“Caught me Thinkin'” by Bahamas

“That’s the way I wanna do it” by The Pinecones

“Needle” by Born Ruffians

“Zoomies” by By Divine Right

“Light me Up” by Once a Tree

And as an extra little treat here’s the music video for The Pinecones’ tune “Gloomy Monday”. They collaborated with a bunch of sixth graders to make the video and it looks like the kids had a lot of fun! Check it out.

Photo: Mixtape/Jane Caulfield