Joshua Van Tassel’s alter-ego Double Tooth gets off the ground

Toronto expermental musician Joshua Van Tassel has been busy this year. In March, New Brusnswick folk-rock band The Olympic Symphonium released their Van Tassel produced album Chance To Fate. That same month, he released his ambient album Dance Music: Songs For Slow Motion. Also in March, he gave away $2,000 in cash as part of a music video for his song “I Think You’re A Salesman”.

But it doesn’t stop there. He’s also been working on electronic infused psychedelic music with Robbie Grunwald under the name Double Tooth. The duo recently released their first single You Should Buy Myself A Drink as part of East Coast label Backward Music‘s new singles series. Foot tapping and dancing is encouraged while listening to this track influenced by 1960’s Nigerian music.

Mixtape caught Double Tooth playing a live set at Halifax Jazz Festival in July. They were joined by Kyle Cunjak of Olympic Symphonium on bass and performed as a trio. For a few tracks, members of Gypsophilia hopped on stage, adding horns and guitars to the groovy and experimental sound.  We grabbed video of a new song not featured on the new single. Judging by how busy Van Tassel seems to be, constantly releasing new music, don’t be surprised if you see this song on a new album in the future.

For more Double Tooth video, check out Halifax Jazz Festival’s video of the trio performing in an airport control tower before their Jazzfest show.

Video/photo: Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape