HPX Rewind: Smooth Harrison, Old & Weird at home

Every day during HPX 2016, we’re going to do a little HPX rewind post recapping the previous night and looking ahead at upcoming events. Once again, we had Evelyn Hornbeck posted at Art Bar and the Seahorse. Jonathan Briggins started the night with R&B on the main stage before capping off the night at Reflections. Here’s what we saw last night and a look at what’s on tap for tonight. 

Old & Weird

Art Bar ruled by Old & Weird

Soft Spot suffered from an early set time. Their energy was good and they sounded tight but the thin crowd made for a quick show.

The Painters from Montreal are an enthusiastic alt folk boy band. The roguish dudes swapped instruments and laughing amongst themselves. They were, tbh, a weird follow to Soft Spot. It felt like a separate show, especially since soft spot finished early and the Painters started almost an hour after they finished. Technical difficulties continued to plague them for the rest of the show. Sorry guys. You seem nice – come back soon.

Old and Weird felt like the home team was playing. The NSCAD-affiliated Art Bar bar quickly packed out and the crowd ate up the playfully disssonant set.

Mega Bog, such a professional. Warmed the crowd and made us laugh. The set felt fun and easy from her. – Evelyn Hornbeck

Daniel Caesar smooth AF

Toronto R&B singer Daniel Caesar seemed like he was in a good mood, and it’s hard to blame him since he dropped a new song earlier in the day. Before playing the new track “Get You”, he talked about how the song is about being intimate with a woman and thinking she’s the best and you don’t deserve it – all this after making sure it was a mature crowd. He also gave a shout out to BadBadNotGood, who he collaborated with later in the night and has recorded music with. I saw BBNG standing in the crowd and thoroughly enjoying Caesar’s set. – Jonathan Briggins

EDDY: human or machine?

Totally unhinged, the drumming duo created a storm of sound – kind of like all your drum solos strung together with a splash of colour. It was mind-wrecking. -JB

HPX rewind Harrison

Happy Harry

All the house, all the funk. This Toronto producer plays fun music and the occasional shrugs and smiles gave us the impression he was feeling it too. And what better way to exit the stage than with a remix of Nelly Furtado’s “Turn Off The Light”.  -JB

HPX rewind Holy Fuck

The Mighty Return of Holy Fuck

It’s been a long time since the electronic rock band played Halifax. That description really doesn’t do them justice (electronic rock as a genre sounds like garbage). The stage was a mess of analog equipment and instruments controlled by four vets in the Canadian indie scene. People were practically falling (albeit respectfully) on the stage, getting as close to the magic as possible. It was energetic. It was math. It was Holy Fuck. – JB

What’s up Friday

Hey Rosetta! are a Halifax favourite and headline the main stage at the Forum tonight. It’s the first appearance at the festival for the St. John’s band and it promises to be a grand show.

Partner are pretty much the best band ever and they play the Marquee tonight at 11pm.

Photo of Daniel Caesar by Jonathan Briggins/Mixtape Magazine